3D Scanning / Reverse Engineering

We recently invested £100k+ in a 3D optical Scanner and 3D Probe from CREAFORM 3D plus a dedicated van to transport it.

This equipment will allows us to reverse engineer from scan and working in conjunction with our CATIA and the full VXElements software package we can create surfaces from which tooling or parts can be manufactured. Using the scan or optical probe we can also produce inspection reports by comparing cad to scan or scan to scan.

We can scan on or offsite working around your exact arrangements. More recently we have been helping an OEM create fixturing and low volume tooling to support their restoration process.

Please contact us for more details and examples of our work.

A Class Surfacing

Using ALIAS for more precise components or CATIA for our surfacing requirements we have created automotive exterior panel work for our vehicle conversions and free flowing surfaces used on some of the furniture projects. During our work with Spyker Cars we took the scanned surface data and created the base surfaces for the Spyker C8 LMS, we then engineered the data into panels using CATIA. These panels were then used to produce ‘Superforming’ tooling and taken into production.

2D Bracketry & Flat Blanking

We can take relatively complex 3D forms and design a folded version to perform almost the identical function. In low volume and pre-production this is often a cheaper method of proving a design.

Using the Generative Sheetmetal Design function within CATIA V5, we can design in 3D and create a flat blank which can be exported in a variety of formats straight to laser cutting or CNC punching, complete with fold lines. Please contact us for more details and examples of our work.

Bespoke Engineering

Working closely with some of the country’s most highly skilled sheet metal craftsmen we have been able to take a designers sketch and turn it into a fully functional piece of furniture or a striking piece of unique artwork.

Casting Design

We have experience in Aluminium high pressure die casting design for powertrain applications, Magnesium IP’s and general Cast Iron parts. Understanding the toolmakers requirements helps us determine to split lines and areas of draft before the design hits manufacturing.

Chassis Design

Aluminium extrusions, cast parts & fabricated components for chassis designs have all been implemented. Bonded, Mono-bolted, SPR’s & welded constructions are all considered during the design phase.

Concept Design

A bespoke air intake was designed to fit a 1340 EVO Harley Davidson. The parts were taken from an initial concept idea, designed in CATIA, 3D printed for evaluation & fitting purposes then manufactured from Stainless Steel and finally polished.

Draw Tooling, Gauges & Fixturing

We have proven experience of low volume tooling design; both crash tooling and draw tooling has been designed for most of the major OEM’s over the past years. Cast Iron, soft tooling or solid billet designs.
Using the latest simulation software, reports can be provided to under pin the design before costly manufacturing takes place. Multiple iterations of the design can be run in a short time to fine tune the design, achieving the optimum panel with minimum thinning & wrinkling.
Hammer forms, checking fixtures, clinch tools and assembly fixtures have also been designed and manufactured.

Product Engineering

In 2012 we were asked to supply DFM (Design for Manufacturing) to support a major airline seat programme. The initial concept design was not feasible and so working closely with the customer and ‘Altair-UK’ the chosen CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) partner, we were able to re-design the part for manufacture whilst also retaining the structural integrity required to pass all CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) requirements for dynamic and abuse tests. We also engineered in a very short lead time the front row single and bi-fold table.
In 2016 we were chosen to fully engineer the next generation of this low cost seat for PITCH Aircraft Seating. This was a ground up engineering programme including all aspects of project management and timing control, seating configurations to suit multiple aircraft LOPA’s (Layout Of Passenger Accommodations) and test support at MIRA / Millbrook testing grounds. Full drawing sets for approval and manufacturing have been produced for both fixed and recline seat variants. Working closely with Altair-UK we have been able to produce designs which are optimised for strength and weight using their OptiStruct software in a very short time.

Full Vehicle Engineering

Since 2004 we have been fortunate enough to supply engineering support to many premier low volume and prototype manufacturers. During this time we have help engineer many high class vehicles including some of the world’s most expensive marques, such as Aston Martin and Bentley. From an initial sketch concept we have been able to make the stylists dreams come true. ‘A’ Class surfacing, full BIW and chassis have been engineered to high standards, press tooling and hammer forms have been specifically designed and together with the country’s finest craftsmen some of the most exciting and beautiful cars have been produced.

Vehicle Packaging

On various projects we have packaged mechanical and interior components, adhering to standard design specification clearances and developing our own to suit the application. Swing studies for all closures are undertaken on request.